Farm Consultancy

Transition to regenerative agriculture
with expert support and advice

Making the journey to a new farming system can be daunting, a bit of trip into the unknown.
We can support your journey to regenerative agriculture. We can help you to identify best practice for your farm & roadtest these new systems in the field.

Our Services

We can provide advice and support on:

  • Improving & assessing soil health
  • Planned & mob grazing
  • Reseeds & pasture rejuvenation
  • Agroforestry & on-farm trees
  • Composting & manure management
  • Infrastructure & equipment
  • Monitoring & setting up on-farm trials
  • Mineral balancing & soil amendments
  • Foliar nutrient programmes
  • Mineral supplementation

Remote Working

All services can be delivered remotely over Zoom or on the phone.

This includes soil and pasture health assessments which can be done through the Soilmentor app.

We will train you to use this tool, either one-to-one or through our online training courses that run regularly through the year (see Courses page).

Consultancy Schedule

Initial consultation

  • Discussion of objectives/challenges
  • Farm maps, existing reports
  • Identify fields/locations for monitoring/trials

Soil/pasture monitoring set-up

Soilmentor: a how-to demonstration

Field monitoring walk (client or with consultant)

  • Record locations: controls, points of interest etc
  • Take initial soil/pasture tests

Partial baseline (client/consultant)

Soilmentor, soil tests, pasture assessment etc

Client completes trainings (if not done)

Soil health, pasture health, whole farm planning

Review of partial baseline

Lab tests, Soilmentor, site maps

Implement transition strategies (trial scale)

Select transition options & trial locations

End of season review

  • Review trial results & on-going monitoring
  • Recommendatoins & field scale options for next season

Tweak & roll-out transition strategies (field-scale)

Follow-up monitoring: lab tests, Soilmentor

On-going calls (monthly, fortnightly)

  • Review monitoring results
  • Check-in and support with decision-making etc
Coaching Service

sample coaching

Niels has been a great help for Montgomerie Farms. Since we committed to going down the regenerative farming route, he has been an essential guide helping us with strategy, key suppliers and implementation.
We were keen to make sure we had the data before we started and Niels has been key in helping us choose the right software, input our farm correctly and select the right tools to take the ongoing measurements required.
I would highly recommend him for anyone choosing to go down this route.
Miles Montgomerie

Owner, Southanan Estate, Scotland

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Regenerative agriculture courses & webinars for teams or farming groups



Infrastructure & agroforestry designs and management plans

Farm Consultancy


Interpretation & prescriptions for transitioning to regenerative agriculture

Niels Corfield