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Niels has been a great help for us. Since we committed to going down the regenerative farming route, he has been an essential guide helping us with strategy, key suppliers and implementation.

Miles Montgomerie – Southanan Estate Owner

Very good understanding on what drives soil and plant health in a Holistic way.

Luppo Diepenbroek – farming consultant

I learnt a whole heap about proper farm planning and managing the complexities and uncertainties that are the norm in a modern farming system. Thank you Niels for a well run and organised course.

Dairy Farmer, West Sussex
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Regenerative agriculture starts from the ground up. Our courses will help you to read your soil and enable you to implement the soil health principles on your livestock farm, arable operation or horticultural enterprise.

Niels and farmers looking at soil sample

Upcoming Courses at FarmED:

Lead by Niels Corfield and the FarmED team.


Soil health for farmers course

Soil Health for Growers – Part 1

Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture, soil health and pasture management on grazed operations

Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health for Grazers Course, Farming Course, Mob Grazing Course, Training

Regenerative Grazing – Part 1

Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture, soil health and pasture management on grazed operations

Soil sample, Soil health, regenerative agriculture, arable, conservation agriculture, cover crops

Soil Health & Regenerative Agriculture for Farmers

Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture, soil health and pasture management on grazed operations

How to Take the Perfect Spade Sample

In this series of videos I will guide you on how to take the perfect spade sample. Taking good spade samples is essential when regularly monitoring and observing your soils. If you are making the effort of spade sampling on your farm, it will be most useful to you if these are as consistent as [...]

Wet on Top – Dry Underneath

wet on top Dry underneath The winter of 2019/20 has been challenging for farmers to say the least. Incessant rain meaning fields were not accessible, and winter crops were not sowed, large areas of flat or low lying country flooded (sometimes repeatedly) and otherwise generally redefining the concept of mud. However, now that we’re well [...]

Realising the Benefits of Soil Health on Arable Farms

Why is it that grass margins are usually in much better heart than the cropped land? Is there something magical about grass? Field margins in many ways set the bar for soil health on your farm. But is that as good as it can get? And do we need to go down to grass to achieve it?

Niels Corfield

On a mission to create regenerative farms and landscapes in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance yet productive. He advises and trains on: soil health, planned grazing, agroforestry and whole farm planning. He produces designs for agroforestry systems and whole farm plans.

His clients include Southanan Estate, Fir Farm, Dora’s Dairy, Birch Farm Woolsery and Fosse Tillery Farm. In his work on soils monitoring, he has helped to develop the Soilmentor app and website, helped co-ordinate the PFLA’s Monitoring the Pulse of Soils under Pasture project and carries-out farm assessments.

Niels Corfield
Niels Corfield