REAL-Time Courses

Practical training for
farmers & land managers

Gain the skills and knowledge to deliver regenerative agriculture on your holding. We offer applied and participatory courses both in-person and online, focussed on practical solutions for farmers and growers.

Learn what the soil health principles are, where they are gleaned from and how to apply them on your own operation.

Build confidence in decision making to help you move forward on your journey.

Live-online training details:

  • Repeating morning/afternoon sessions or evening classes
  • Complementary access to Soilmentor
  • Appraisals of your soils/pasture

In-person training details:

  • Full day, on-farm
  • Guided farm walks, along with host farmer
  • Demonstration of soils/pasture monitoring
“A really well structured day, building a good knowledge base before going into the field to put things into practice.
Excellent. Would recommend.”
George Hosier

Farmer, Wiltshire

“Very informative, I came away with a lot and was able to put what I learnt straight into practice.
A good mix of theory and practical with the farm walk.”
Sam Pearman

Farmer, Hertfordshire

LIVE-ONLINE COURSES (Registration via Eventbrite)

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Upcoming Courses at FarmED:

Lead by Niels Corfield and the FarmED team.

Regenerative Soil Health:


Date: 1st June 10am - 5pm

Would you like to learn how to create healthy soils and resilient fields while reducing reliance on inputs, even during droughts?

In this workshop, You will be introduced to how natural ecosystem processes affect your soil, and how by following regenerative agriculture principles you can work with these processes to improve soil health. Crucially you will learn about the important role soil biology plays in crop performance, pasture health and farm resilience and what practices can be used to support healthy soils.

Wheat field, straw residue mulch. No-till farming

Agroforestry Design Masterclass

Dates: 24th September 2022

Looking to integrate trees into your farming business this coming planting season but don’t know which trees to plant, how many, or where?

Unsure about fencing, or how to market your tree products?

Discover the answers to these questions and more...

In this two-day intensive workshop you will be guided through an intuitive agroforestry design process by some of the UK’s leading agroforestry practitioners, receive 1:1 advice in clinic sessions, and walk away with a detailed agroforestry design for an area of your farm.

Regenerative Grazing: Principles, Planning & Application

Dates: TBC

  • Ever wanted to know what it is that makes grass grow rapidly and in drought?
  • Want to know how to outwinter stock on any soil?
  • Or how to create the most beneficial environment for stock on your farm?

On this course you will learn how to apply the principles of regenerative agriculture to improve and monitor soil health on your farm, for optimum pasture and livestock health.


Other available courses


Soil Health & Regenerative Agriculture for Farmers:

  • Soil health principles
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Reading your soil
  • Monitoring & trials
Arable Field, Regenerative Agriculture, Gothelney Farm, Soil Health

ARABLE & Mixed FarmERS

Improving Soil Health in Arable Systems Part 1:

  • Apply soil health principles
  • Reworking crop rotations
  • Designing cover crop mixes
  • Field management practices

Farmers, Landowners & Advisors

Whole Farm Planning
Part 1: Introduction

  • Whole farm planning principles
  • Fencing, water, access & trees
  • Mapping, layout & design
  • Agroforestry systems intro
Whole Farm Planning Part 2, Agroforestry Course, Farming Course, Regenerative Agriculture Course, Wakelyns Farm

Farmers, Landowners & Advisors

Whole Farm Planning
Part 2: Design

  • Whole farm planning principles
  • Fencing, water, access & trees
  • Mapping, layout & design
  • Agroforestry systems intro
Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health for Grazers Course, Farming Course, Mob Grazing Course, Training


Improving Soil Health on Horticulture Operations Part 1: Fundamentals

  • Soil health principles
  • Analysis of your soils
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Best practice management
  • Monitoring and trials
Soil Health for Growers Course Pt.1, Horticulture Course, Organic Training, No Dig Course,


Improving Soil Health on Horticulture Operations
Part 2: Planning

  • Apply soil health principles 
  • Covered growing
  • Composting intro
  • Reworking crop rotations
  • Cover crop mixes


Improving Soil Health on Horticulture Operations Part 3: Management

  • Amendments & fertilising
  • Plant nutrition
  • Building soil organic matter
  • Composting systems 
  • Monitoring & lab testing

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