Regenerative Grazing - Part 1

Restore your pasture and soil through above ground management.

Following-on from the Soil Health & RegenAg for Farmers, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to:

• Implement the soil- and pasture health principles on your farm
• Design a basic farm layout that facilitates your management goals
• Create a grazing plan to maximise potential of forage resources, and minimise work


  • Save time and facilitate adaptive pasture management
  • Fast-track regeneration on your grazing operation
  • Design farm layouts & permanent infrastructure, trees, fences, water etc.
  • Understand criteria for selecting appropriate breeds
  • Minimise capital expenditure by selecting flexible infrastructure

Discounts Codes

Available for: PFLA & selected farm clusters (check with your coordinator)


  • Principles of grazing management
  • Grazing management systems: mob grazing & planned grazing
  • Time-saving strategies for management of land & livestock
  • Animal performance & breed selection
  • Monitoring, data gathering & Soilmentor
  • Trials & feedback – exclusion cages, split-field treatments etc

Grazing Planning

  • Grazing charts and plans
  • Calculating live weight & group numbers
  • Herd management schedule
  • Forage budgeting

Whole Farm Planning

  • Hedge management for function & biodiversity
  • Water – infrastructure & layout
  • Fencing – temporary/permanent
  • Access – tracks, gates etc
  • Manure management – composting, introduction

Course Essentials

  • Farm maps (Field Margin, Google Earth or hard copy)
  • Up-to-date list of field name and sizes
  • Livestock numbers, age-class or liveweights
  • Grazing diary (optional)
  • List of key dates: prescriptions, testing etc (as comprehensive as poss)
  • Laptop/tablet – running Excel etc
  • Webcam/smartphone

Tools & Technology

Field Margin app 

Niels Corfield Bio

Niels Corfield has been working to deliver truly sustainable food and farming systems for more than 15 years. He is a researcher, adviser, educator, designer and tree nurseryman.

He has 12 years’ experience teaching adults and is formally trained in Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture Design.

On a mission to create regenerative landscapes and farms in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance yet productive.

His clients include:

  • Southanan Estate,
  • Fir Farm,
  • Fosse Tillery Farm,
  • Devon Wildlife Trust,
  • Anglian Water,
  • High Weald AONB,
  • Cahment Sensitive Farming,
  • Soil Association Scotland.

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Life-time access to all content, resources and videos.

What you take away from the course

  • Digital hand-outs

Who is this course for?

  • – Graziers, sheperds, stockspeople
  • – Mixed farmers
  • – Alumni of Soil Health & RegenAg course

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